Blog en-us (C) Nancy Collinge ( Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:32:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:32:00 GMT Blog 90 120 Snow days The couple of pictures below are from the snow we had this month.  It meant for the first time I experienced a snow day (I work in education and we closed because of the weather) - in fact it was two snow days!  I used one to have a walk around the town and spend a couple of hours half hiding behind our recycling bin whilst the garden birds came and went.

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Oops! I've been rather remiss with this blog in the last months; one reason being that I don't feel I've been out and about so much (although had a lovely summer holiday in Greece).  

Another reason is that I've bought a new phone with a better camera than I had previously and started 365 project - taking a photo a day, but only with my phone.  This has certain challenges since although it takes OK pictures, it's not he most controllable camera in the world.  However, it's meant I can be a bit more creative with the post-processing: I normally crop and adjust lighting but not much more.  I've now been having fun with various apps and applying more extreme filters that I perhaps wouldn't normally bother with.

My 365 blog can be seen at

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Olympic torch The Olympic torch relay reached Great Yarmouth this morning, and we were allowed to leave work in order to go and watch it.  It was a good atmosphere; lots of kids around and plenty of cheering. 

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Moths! A chance foray into this garden this evening drew my attention to the number of moths around.  I've never really paid them much attention, nor shot anything at night with flash, but I look forward to trying again (and perhaps being more successful with focus!).

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Brewery doors A couple of hours in Southwold and some innocent-looking house doors.  However, these are no houses, they are part of the Adnams brewery.  Standing to take this picture all I could hear was the hissing of steam.  Looking through the windows you will see stainless steel rather than sofas (see the condensation in the left window?).  Love it. 

]]> ( Adnams Southwold brickwork door window Tue, 03 Jul 2012 21:30:00 GMT
Blue tits and starlings Set up the tripod and waited; got a few pics that I'm pleased with.

]]> ( bird blue tit starling Tue, 26 Jun 2012 19:45:00 GMT
Bury St. Edmunds station Work meetings let me see a bit more of the region...

]]> ( Bury St Edmunds station Fri, 22 Jun 2012 21:45:00 GMT
Twilight pier

]]> ( Great Yarmouth beach night pier twilight Fri, 15 Jun 2012 21:30:21 GMT
A stop on the bridge

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Bath Spa to Great Yarmouth The beacon was due to be lit as we got off the train, so we just caught the Jubilee fireworks from afar.

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Grimsbury Farm and Kingswood Museum During our weekend back west, we planned a trip to Grimsbury Farm. Despite the patchy rain we saw some animals and enjoyed the cafe, which was wonderfully decked out in red white and blue ahead of their Jubilee Beacon lighting.

We then continued walking and decided to visit Kingswood Museum, which was a great little site for £2.50!  We saw coronation memorabilia, old motorbikes, exhibitions on local industries, the bizarre zinc-slag grotto of William Champion and his statue of Neptune (somewhat reminiscent of Tony Hancock's 'Aphrodite at the Watering Hole' :-) ).  I also managed to pick up a 30p book for the train home and some lovely woolen fabric.

(Apparently there are Great Crested Newts in that pond)

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Chippenham Folk Festival The Diamond Jubilee weekend meant a trip across the country to meet a new seven-month old friend.  We met in Chippenham, where the Folk Festival was in full swing!

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It rained today

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Beach volleyball The Volleyball England Beach Tour comes to Great Yarmouth

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Pretty alpine

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Saturday! Although going for lunch at 'The Library' could almost be considered a busman's holiday.

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My current favourite part of the garden Note the slug in the foreground.  Slugs appear to be addicted to thyme; this might be their downfall.

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I own tiger print shoes! I gave in on second viewing.  Probably the first time I have owned tiger print anything.  In fact, the first time I have owned any animal print anything...

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What Salute is all about

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One view, three views This year, rather than staying nearer Excel for Salute, we stayed in Stratford (thankyou £10 Travelodge sale!).  It was interesting to see the area and all the new developments.  The hotel view was less that exciting, but I always like a city at night.

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Wedding bells Congratulations, Rachel and Simon!

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A country walk

This year it's all about oilseed rape.

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The fair is here... ...although you will have to wait until this evening to win anything.

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Sunny day at the beach

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Today's feature publication All ready for withdrawal.  One of those titles that makes you wonder how or why it was ever actually bought.  For those interested, we did have a copy of 'Clean and Decent' as well, but that went in the last round.

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Putford Provider I find the big ships that moor at the quay oddly fascinating - I'm always in awe of large engineering projects.  Somehow the fact that they are still tied up with ropes (albeit very thick ropes) amuses me.

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I liked the lines

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Reach! Got up early (on a Sunday!) and went out to try and capture the dew on the grass before it disappeared.  The lawn desperately needs cutting, so there were lots of lovely long blades each with a drop on the end.  However, there were several ladybirds hidden about so I spent about an hour sticking a camera lens in their faces trying to get a good shot.  I've uploaded others, including grass shots like this one to Flickr.

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It's coming... ...Spring, that is.  We had a visit to Cambridgeshire to visit friends and there were some lovely signs of the better weather:


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My own truck!

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Don't look at me like that It's my gate; the cat lives next door but one.

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Today's sunset

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Tea in Harleston

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Chinese State Circus Again, yes, but I love it.

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You will not fit under the floor

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Snow! I made an effort to get up early and be the first to tread in the snow!

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This flock of starlings may have eaten all the bird food in a matter of seconds, but at least I have confidence it's not going to rats.
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Follwing on from the night shots of yesterday, this time I took my R1.  It's a great camera that's been neglected.  If it was just a bit smaller I'd happily carry it around all the time.
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<no title> I'm quite glad I had a craving for discounted soup and went home via Asda; I wouldn't have been paying much attention to the sky otherwise.  I'm going to try again with a tripod and hopefully get a river picture with the correct things in focus!

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The seafront wasn't quite as dark as I'd imagined but it was better than the back garden.  Say hello to Orion (or most of him), Taurus and the Pleiades.
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Tomorrow, after six-and-a-half years (!), the ugly fireplace, absurd fake brickwork, nasty Artex and threadbare blue carpet will start to disappear...
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<no title> library carpet.

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Third day on new bike not a great success.
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Last week work started on bulldozing the jetty.  They mentioned it on the radio this morning so I thought I'd go and have a look, and it was almost all gone.  It's a shame, but it's been frustratingly cordoned off for the last three years anyway due to safety issues.
Hopefully the benches will stay and whatever plaque/platform/monument they put up (to commemorate Nelson's landing point) will do it justice.

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Another good sunrise... Another good sunrise... by nancyonline although I missed the best of it.
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Great Yarmouth Minster Great Yarmouth Minster by nancyonline

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Soon enough... 2011-12-31 NEX-5 0003 by nancyonline ...the tinsel will disappear; the festive season is nearly done.
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Merry Christmas 2011-12-25 NEX-5 1050 by nancyonline

The obligatory after-dinner board game. This was The Great Penguin Bookchase, which was OK, but we picked lots of holes in the gameplay.

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13th December 13th December by nancyonline As this year's Christmas card says, ''tis the season...'.
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In or out? 2011-12-12 NEX-5 0020 by nancyonline

The answer's out.
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<no title> Night quay December 2011 by nancyonline Yes, I've got lots of others like this...
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<no title> An early morning walk on the seafront:

Lichen Bench Beachside Takeaway
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<no title> 2011-11-30 NEX-5 043 by nancyonline

Didn't quite make the Christmas lights switch-on, but did experience the fireworks.

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<no title> 2011-11-30 NEX-5 006 by nancyonline

When I *do* get up early I am reminded of why it can be advantageous

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<no title> 2011-11-29 NEX-5 069 by nancyonline
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<no title> 2011-11-29 NEX-5 029 by nancyonline A windy Gorleston morning
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2011-11-26 NEX-5 010 2011-11-26 NEX-5 010 by nancyonline A bit of South Bank and a catch-up.
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<no title> 2011-11-14 NEX-5 013 by nancyonline

Well I'm not putting my finger in it...

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Spider Spider by nancyonline Whilst at the station to pick up some tickets, I noticed this spider constructing its web. The waiting passengers must have thought I was a bit mad seemingly staring at the air and aiming a camera at all sorts of funny angles.
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<no title> Untitled by nancyonline

Fireworks over Cobholm

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